The criteria for membership are as follows:

  • Desire to join (there is no membership fee).
  • Active collaboration with the consortium. This is roughly defined by publication of a collaborative paper within the previous year, or an ongoing collaborative study. To be considered a collaborative publication, the manuscript must include the statement: “Received from the Outcomes Research Consortium, Cleveland, Ohio”. Membership in the organization is normally granted after successful collaboration is initiated, rather than in anticipation. On-going active collaboration is required to maintain membership.
  • A commitment to fully disclose potential financial or academic conflicts-of-interest related to projects in collaboration with Outcomes Research Consortium.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Occasional email updates on consortium publications, activities, and topics of interest (typically, several per month).
  • Potential to participate in individual and multi center studies. For example, we are often approached by corporations who need devices or drugs tested. These projects will be offered to members of the consortium who have the necessary techniques and access to the required patient populations.
  • Clearing-house for relevant studies (to prevent duplication) and a referral base for collaboration. For example, members of the consortium may have ideas for studies that are not locally feasible. These prospects can be offered on a collaborative basis to other members of the consortium having access to the necessary patients or special techniques.
  • Invitations to conferences and consortium activities. For example, the Consortium sponsors a dinner for members at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. It also hosts Consortium Sessions at both the ASA and ESA meetings.
  • Listing on this web site; our database will include your professional address and an email link.
  • Active members may use the Outcomes Research Consortium name and logo for consortium-related business.

The consortium is not meant to be exclusive or restrictive. Nonetheless, membership applications will be evaluated by consortium administrators. The purpose of this review is only to assure that applicants fulfill our minimal membership requirements and that new investigators will be compatible with the existing members. Naturally, being a member of Outcomes Research Consortium in no way precludes any independent research investigators might care to pursue.

Investigators who are interested in joining Outcomes Research Consortium should contact
Dr. Sessler.