The Department of Outcomes Research at the Cleveland Clinic typically trains about 20 clinical research fellows at a time. Fellows generally have primary responsibility for several studies, and back-up responsibilities for several others. The department usually runs about 40 prospective trials, and perhaps 100 registry-based studies. Fellows therefore have broad exposure to all aspects of clinical research. Substantial practical experience is complemented by weekly staff meetings, and by didactic sessions on epidemiology and biostatistics, a course called Fundamentals of Clinical Research.

International applicants no longer need an ECFMG certificate; nor do they need to be eligible for an Ohio medical training or full license. Nearly all our fellows are supported by an institution or their home countries. The Cleveland Clinic mandates a salary and benefits of $60,000/year to comply with United States visa laws. Funded fellows are welcome for 12 months or longer. Longer fellowship periods naturally providing better learning experiences; we therefore give preference to candidates who can stay at least 18 months. Occasionally, we offer salaried extensions to fellows whose home funding has expired.

Rarely, we provide salaried fellowship positions to exceptional candidates who have substantial published clinical research experience and/or full anesthesia training. Those positions require a two-year commitment.

About half of our fellows return to the departments and institutions that funded their training. Others proceed to residency positions at United States programs, and most who apply eventually get US residency positions.

Applicants can send a CV to Professor Alparslan Turan. Applications are accepted at any time. Reasonable English proficiency is necessary because communication is an essential part of team-based clinical research.