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Outcomes Research

What we do

The Outcomes Research Consortium is the world’s oldest, largest, and most productive anesthesia research group.


The Consortium is more than 3 decades old and conducts hundreds of simultaneous studies including dozens of major international trials.


Who we are

The Outcomes Research Consortium includes more than 200 investigators in more than 25 countries.


We are linked by a common devotion to advancing perioperative medicine, and improving the safety of surgery and experience for surgical patients.

What we have done

The Consortium publishes a full paper every other day, for a total that now exceeds 2,000 papers. Our papers have been cited 80,000 times, and more than 40 were published in the NEJM, Lancet, and JAMA. We have also published more than 100 editorials. 40 of our papers and editorials were featured on Journal Covers since 2008.