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Yamashita, K., Boggett, S., Kodama, Y., Tsuneyoshi, I., Royse, C. The validation of a Japanese language version of the postoperative quality of recovery scale: a prospective observational study. JA Clin Rep 2021: 7 (1) 32

October 16, 2021

Background: The Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale (PostopQRS) is a survey-based tool that measures quality of the postoperative recovery in multiple domains over multiple time periods. The purpose of this study is to validate the Japanese version of the PostopQRS.

Methods: A prospective observational study using bilingual healthy volunteers was conducted in Australia to assess equivalence of the test values between the two languages. To assess the feasibility and discriminant validity of the PostopQRS in a Japanese population, an observational study was conducted on patients undergoing ear-nosethroat and orthopedic surgery in Japan, with measurements performed prior to surgery, 2 h, and 1, 3, and 7 days following surgery. The survey was conducted face-to-face while in hospital and via the telephone following discharge.

Results: Sixty-eight volunteers participated in the validation study. The scores in the Japanese version were similar to the English version in all domains at all timepoints. In the cognitive domain, there were no differences between the Japanese and English versions for word recall and word generation tasks. For digits forwards and digits backwards the values were skewed to the maximal value, and although significantly different, the absolute difference was <10% at all timepoints between English and Japanese versions. Fifty-one patients, ear-nose-throat (n=22) and orthopedic (n=29), were included in the clinical study. Orthopedic patients had a significantly worse recovery profile over time in overall recovery (p<0.01), physiological (p=0.02), nociceptive (p=0.03), and activities of daily living (ADL, p<0.01) domains, but was not different for emotive (p=0.30) or cognitive domains (p=0.10).

Conclusion: The Japanese version of the PostopQRS is similar to the English version and was able to discriminate recovery between different surgery disciplines.

Trial registration: UMIN, UMIN000033268, Registered 6 August 2018.

Keywords: Postoperative quality of recovery, Validation, Feasibility, Bilingual translation