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Tire, Yasin, Yazar, Mehmet Akif, Erdem, Said Sami Can changes in platelet count, mean platelet volume, and platelet distribution width be used to determine the severity of COVID-19?. Medical Science and Discovery 2021: 8 (10) 581-585

October 16, 2021

We aimed to investigate the relation of platelet count (PLT), mean platelet volume (MPV) and platelet distribution width (PDW) with other acute phase reactants in COVID-19 new corona virus.
Material and Methods:
Thirty one patients with COVID-19 were included in to study. There were three groups as outpatient (Group 1, OP) (n=6), hospital (Group 2, H) (n=16) and intensive care unit (Group 3, IC) (n=9) in this analytic study.
WBC (White Blood Cell), CRP (C-Reactive Protein) values were significantly different in all groups. PDW values were significantly lower in Group 3 than Group 1, 2. The result of ROC analysis was 10.9 as a cut-off value (Area under the curve, AUC)=0.407).
This study indicates that lower PDW may frequently develop in COVID-19 cases and there is a relation between thrombocytosis and acute phase reactants, that is, the inflammatory response. So we can offer that PDW should be used as a marker of Covid19 disease severity, but it needs more studies in the future.
Keywords: Mean platelet volume, Platelet count, Platelet distribution width, ARDS, COVID-19.