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Maribel Rodriguez S, Yamak Altinpulluk E, Oliver-Fornies P, Rafael Roque N, Aragon-Benedi C, Galluccio F, Fajardo Perez M: Postoperative analgesia and palliative care of peng block for terminal osteosarcoma. J Palliat Care 2022; 37: 469-470

April 28, 2022

Palliative care involves patients with a high incidence of chronic pain and inadequate treatment related to opioid abuse. In terminal patients, the side effects of opioids may result in lower quality of life due to their deleterious immunosuppression and gastrointestinal effects. In our routine clinical practice, we consider the ultrasound-guided PENG block as a palliative analgesic technique to improve end-of-life care to terminal patients.
pain management, palliative care, nerve block.