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Saugel B, Thomsen KK, Maheshwari K: Goal-directed haemodynamic therapy: an imprecise umbrella term to avoid (editorial). Br J Anaesth 2023; 130: 390-393

January 31, 2023

‘Goal-directed haemodynamic therapy’ describes various haemodynamic treatment strategies that have in common that interventions are titrated to achieve predefined haemodynamic targets. However, the treatment strategies differ sub- stantially regarding the underlying haemodynamic target variables and target values, and thus presumably have different effects on outcome. It is an over-simplifying approach to lump complex and substantially differing haemo- dynamic treatment strategies together under the term ‘goal-directed haemodynamic therapy’, an imprecise umbrella term that we should thus stop using.
arterial pressure; blood pressure; cardiac index; cardiac output; goal-directed therapy; haemodynamic monitoring; pulse pressure variation; stroke volume