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Assessment of the GlideScope spectrum single-use video laryngoscope blades and small GlideRite stylet for use in pediatrics: A randomized manikin study

September 21, 2022

The GlideScope® Spectrum™ single use blades, LoPro S1 and LoPro S2, offer several technical im- provements over their predecessors while maintaining the traditional curvature useful in difficult airway scenarios. We performed a single-site, prospective randomized feasibility study with three different pediatric manikin models using these new blades. The primary outcome was first attempt success rate. Secondary outcomes were overall success rate, time to intubation, and Cormack and Lehane glottic view grade. A questionnaire was also administered to each participant following the intubation attempts to gauge their satisfaction with the Spectrum™ blades and proprietary stylet. Fifty total anesthesia pro- viders consisting of attendings (consultants), residents, fellows, certified nurse anesthetists and certified anesthesiologist assistants intubated 3 different manikins, three times each, using both the LoPro S1 and LoPro S2 blades for a total of 18 intubations each. The overall success rate across all blades and manikins was 98% and greater. The median time to intubation for all blade and manikin combinations was less than 13 s. This study demonstrates the GlideScope® Spectrum™ LoPro S1 and LoPro S2 blades are effective video intubation devices, even in a difficult airway pediatric manikin model.