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Welcome to the Outcomes Research Consortium: the World’s largest Clinical Anesthesia Research Organization.

The Outcomes Research Consortium was formed in 1990 at the University of California in San Francisco. It became an institute when the consortium's administrative center moved to the University of Louisville in March of 2000, and is now a department at the Cleveland Clinic. We thus have more than 25 years of experience with clinical research. The Outcomes Research Consortium is non-profit; our only goal is participation in high-quality research.

2015 was the Consortium's 25th Anniversary. This milestone was celebrated by an editorial in Anesthesiology by Henry Rosenberg (2015; 123:1233-4). It starts: "IMAGINE a research group made up of more than 100 members working both independently and collaboratively across many countries having no legal standing, no bank account, and loosely organized, but devoted to the goal of improving health care through the understanding of the results of health care practices. Furthermore, imagine that members of this organization have published more than 900 full journal articles since its inception and publish a new full paper every 5 days. It may be hard to believe that such a unique organization exists, but it does. It is known as the Outcomes Research Consortium.”

The Outcomes Research Consortium has now published more than 1,300 full papers, and publishes a full paper or editorial every three days. The Consortium is thus responsible for about 5% of the clinical research in high-profile general anesthesia journals.

The Outcomes Research Consortium includes 170 university-based investigators in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The Institute is currently involved in more than 200 clinical studies, including large multi-center outcome trials. The Institute is funded by the National Institutes of Health, other peer-reviewed granting agencies, and corporate sponsors.