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Jet Lag Recipe

Dan Sessler's Jet Lag Treatment

These are preventive and treatment measures for jet lag that I have found useful. There is little or no literature to support this recipe, but it nonetheless seems to work. These guidelines are designed for intercontinental travel such as from the States to Europe.


    1. Do not sleep too long the night before traveling. It will be easier to get to sleep early if you are not too well rested.

    2. If possible, exercise the morning before flying.

    3. Enjoy dinner on the plane, including wine and an after-dinner drink.

    4. Dissolve 0.25 mg of triazolam under your tongue.

    5. Sleep well for the rest of the flight.

    6. The next afternoon, try to spend a few hours out of doors. Do not wear sunglasses.

    7. Dissolve 0.125 mg of triazolam under your tongue as you go to bed for the remainder of the trip. Avoid the temptation to stop taking trizolam because you will get a rebound effect and sleep very poorly the first night.


    1. Exercise the day before traveling, or the morning of travel if time permits. This will make it easier to sit in the plane for a long period of time.

    2. Take a short nap after lunch if you care to, but do not sleep more than a couple of hours.

    3. Enjoy a cup of coffee before arriving home.

    4. Do not take any more triazolam once you start the trip back. Use the rebound effect to help you stay awake.

    5. Stay up until at least 21:00.