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2017 Annual Report

The OUTCOMES RESEARCH Group was formed in 1990 at the University of California in San Francisco and subsequently became an institute when the group's administrative center moved to the University of Louisville in March of 2000. In 2005, OUTCOMES RESEARCH became a department at the Cleveland Clinic. After 12 years, the Department of OUTCOMES RESEARCH now includes 65 members at the Clinic, among more than 130 academic investigators in fifteen countries including the Austria, Canada, China, Ireland, Israel, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. The Consortium is non-profit; its only goal is thus participation in high-quality research.

2015 year was the Consortium’s 25th Anniversary. This milestone was celebrated by an editorial in Anesthesiology by Henry Rosenberg (2015; 123:1233-4). It starts: "IMAGINE a research group made up of more than 100 members working both independently and collaboratively across many countries having no legal standing, no bank account, and loosely organized, but devoted to the goal of improving health care through the understanding of the results of health care practices. Furthermore, imagine that members of this organization have published more than 900 full journal articles since its inception and publish a new full paper every 5 days. [The Consortium actually published a full paper every 3 days in 2017.] It may be hard to believe that such a unique organization exists, but it does. It is known as the OUTCOMES RESEARCH Consortium."

The Consortium is currently involved in more than 140 clinical studies, including many large multi-center outcome trials. Much of the Consortium’s funding is from the National Institutes of Health, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and other peer-reviewed granting agencies. The Consortium facilitates scientific exchange and collaboration necessary for technically complex outcomes studies involving hundreds or thousands of patients. Additional information is available at


Outcomes research seeks to understand the end results of particular health care practices and interventions. End results include effects that people experience and care about, such as change in the ability to function. In particular, for individuals with chronic conditions&emdash;where cure is not always possible&emdash;end results include quality of life as well as mortality. By linking the care people get to the outcomes they experience, outcomes research has become the key to developing better ways to monitor and improve the quality of care.

The general goal of the OUTCOMES RESEARCH Consortium is to evaluate inexpensive, low-risk interventions that are easy to implement yet likely to markedly improve outcome. For example, we have shown that simply maintaining intraoperative normothermia markedly reduces the risk of complications&emdash;and does so at trivial cost. A consequence of our work is that active intraoperative warming has become routine, whereas it was rare a decade ago.


Be the world’s leading anesthesia-related clinical research organization.


1. Publish more high-impact, peer-reviewed clinical research papers (quantified as number times impact) than any other anesthesia organization.

2. Recruit more extra-mural clinical research funding than any other anesthesia organization, with "clinical research" being defined as research conducted with human subjects.

3. Train clinical investigators at all levels.


Administrative Structure

Director: Daniel I. Sessler, M.D. Cleveland USA
Associate Director: Andrea Kurz, M.D. Cleveland USA

2017 Site Directors

Donal Buggy, M.D. Dublin Ireland
Tibi Ezri, M.D. Tel Aviv Israel
Edith Fleischmann, M.D. Vienna Austria
Kate Leslie, M.D. Melbourne Australia
Peter Szmuk, M.D. Dallas USA
Yuguang Huang, M.D. Beijing China
Toshi Mizobe, M.D., Ph.D. Kyoto Japan
Thomas Volk, M.D. Homburg Germany
Ngai, Liu, M.D., Ph.D. Paris France

Newly appointed Directors:

Colin Royse, M.D. Melbourne Australia
Brian Ilfeld, M.D. San Diego USA
Alparslan Turan, M.D. Cleveland USA
Bruce Biccard, M.D., Ph.D. Cape town South Africa

General Members

Member City Country
Alaa A. Abd-Elsayed, M.D.MadisonUSA
Basem B. Abdelmalak, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Myra Ahmed, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Sanchit Ahuja, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Ozan Akca, M.D.LouisvilleUSA
Assad Ali, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Christian C. Apfel, M.D.LarkspurUSA
Harendra Arora, M.D.Chapel HillUSA
Amanda Artis, M.S.ClevelandUSA
Valentina Assenzo, M.D.Suresnes, ParisFrance
Abdulkadir Atim, M.D.AnkaraTurkey
Sabry Ayad, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Rovnat Babazade, M.D.GalvestonUSA
Gausan Bajracharya, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Allen Bashour, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Sergio D. Bergese, M.D.ColumbusUSA
Bruce M. Biccard, M.B.Ch.B., F.C.A., M.Med.Sc, Ph.D.Cape TownSouth Africa
Peter Biro, M.D.ZurichSwitzerland
Hagen Bomberg, M.D.HomburgGermany
Donal J. Buggy, M.D., FRCPI, FRCACSI, FRCADublinIreland
Juan Cata, M.D.HoustonUSA
Christine Chang, B.S.ClevelandUSA
David Chelnick, B.S.ClevelandUSA
Surendrasingh S. Chhabada, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Praneeta Chodavarapu, M.D.CincinnatiUSA
Barak Cohen, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Allen CollinsClevelandUSA
Jennifer CookClevelandUSA
Jacek B. Cywinski, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Jarrod E. Dalton, Ph.D.ClevelandUSA
Gildasio S. De Oliveira Jr., M.D., M.S.C.I.ChicagoUSA
Stacie G. Deiner, M.D.New YorkUSA
Anthony G. Doufas, M.D., Ph.D.StanfordUSA
Andra E. Duncan, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Ruthy Edry, M.D.HaifaIsrael
Kavita Elliott, B.S.ClevelandUSA
Hesham Elsharkawy, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Hani Essbar, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Tibi Ezri, M.D.HolonIsrael
Ehab S.A. Farag, M.D., F.R.C.A.ClevelandUSA
Mary FedericoClevelandUSA
Tobias Fink, M.D.HomburgGermany
Edith Fleischmann, M.D.ViennaAustria
Béla Fülesdi, M.D., Ph.D.DebrecenHungary
Rodney A. Gabriel, M.D.La JollaUSA
Marcelo Gama de Abreu, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.E.S.ADresdenGermany
Logan GlosserClevelandUSA
Martin V. Grady, M.D.Mayfield HeightsUSA
Sarah Guirguis, M.D.ClevelandUSA
CeCelia HanlineClevelandUSA
Manal Hassan, M.D.Mayfield HeightsUSA
Steve Hata, M.D., F.C.C.P., M.S.C.ClevelandUSA
Yuguang Huang, M.D.BeijingChina
Brian M. Ilfeld, M.D., M.S.San DiegoUSA
Steven R. Insler, D.O.ClevelandUSA
Daniela C. Ionescu, Ph.D., D.E.A.A.Cluj-NapocaRomania
Tadahiko Ishiyama, M.D., Ph.D.ChuoJapan
Pia Jaeger, M.D., Ph.D.CopenhagenDenmark
Roberta JohnsonClevelandUSA
Barbara Kabon, M.D.ViennaAustria
Yusuke Kasuya, M.D.TokyoJapan
Roop Kaw, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Mohamed-Zafeer Khan, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Ashish K. Khanna, M.D., F.C.C.P., F.C.C.M.ClevelandUSA
Dilara Khoshknabi, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Oliver Kimberger, M.D.ViennaAustria
Ryu Komatsu, M.D.Palo AltoUSA
Onur Koyuncu, M.D.Turkey
Sascha Kreuer, M.D.HomburgGermany
Priya A. Kumar, M.D.Chapel HillUSA
Andrea M. Kurz, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Giovanni Landoni, M.D.MilanItaly
Rana K. Latif, M.D., F.C.A.I.LouisvilleUSA
Kate Leslie, M.D., F.A.N.Z.C.A.ParkvilleAustralia
Steve Leung, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Liu Liu, M.A.ClevelandUSA
Ngai Liu, M.D., Ph.D.SuresnesFrance
Dominik Lorenz, M.D.Homburg / SaarGermany
Chao Ma, M.S.ClevelandUSA
Anthony T. Machi, M.D.DallasUSA
Kamal Maheshwari, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Natalya Makarova, M.S.ClevelandUSA
Natalie Mansour, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Guangmei Mao, M.S.ClevelandUSA
Lilit Margaryan, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Edward J. Mascha, Ph.D.ClevelandUSA
Takashi Matsukawa, M.D.ChuoJapan
Felix Maurer, B.S.HomburgGermany
Dianna Mehanny, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Miluska Mejia, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Mark MettlerClevelandUSA
Scott A. Miller, M.D.Winston SalemUSA
Paul MinkoClevelandUSA
Toshiki Mizobe, M.D., Ph.D.KyotoJapan
Zhirajr Mokini, M.D.MonzaItaly
Sohail Mulla, M.Sc.HamiltonCanada
Yasuko Nagasaka, M.D., Ph.D.TokyoJapan
Yasufumi Nakajima, M.D., Ph.D.HirakataJapan
Amanda Naylor, B.A.ChicagoUSA
Azfar Niazi, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Ben O’Brian, M.D., Ph.D., M.H.B.A., F.R.C.A., F.F.I.C.M.LondonUnited Kingdom
Detlef E.R. Obal, M.D., Ph.D., D.E.S.A.LouisvilleUSA
Makoto Ozaki, M.D., Ph.D.TokyoJapan
Marie-Odile Parat, Pharm.D., Ph.D.WoolloongabbaAustralia
Lijian Pei, M.D.BeijingChina
Silvia E. Perez-Protto, M.D., M.S.ClevelandUSA
Reuven Pizov, M.D.HaifaIsrael
Olga M. Plattner, M.D.ViennaAustria
Kanhaiya Poddar, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Attila Podolyak, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Syed Yussef RazaClevelandPakistan
David A. Rincón-Valenzuela, M.D., M.Sc.BogotáColombia
Eva Rivas, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Efrain Riveros-Perez, M.D.AugustaUSA
Reitze N. Rodseth, M.B.Ch.B., F.C.A., M.Med.DurbanSouth Africa
Kurt Ruetzler, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Remie Saab, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Leif Saager, M.D.Ann ArborUSA
Wael Saasouh, M.D.DetroitUSA
Partha Saha, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Vafi Salmasi, M.D.Palo AltoUSA
Bernd Saugel, M.D. E.D.I.C.HamburgGermany
Yehoshua-Nadav Schacham, M.D.Ramat-GanIsrael
Thomas P. Schricker, M.D., Ph.D.MontrealCanada
Daniel I. Sessler, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Abraham Sonny, M.D.BostonUSA
Jeff W. Steiner, D.O.DallasUSA
Iman Suliman, M.D.RochesterUSA
Peter Szmuk, M.D.DallasUSA
Marianne Tanios, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Abdullah S. Terkawi, M.D.CharlottesvilleUSA
David Torres, M.D.SantiagoChile
Tanja A. Treschan, M.D.DüsseldorfGermany
Alparslan Turan, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Tamás Végh, M.D., Ph.D.DebrecenHungary
Thomas Volk, M.D.HomburgGermany
Anupama Wadhwa, M.D.LouisvilleUSA
Michael WaltersClevelandUSA
Catherine I. Wang, M.D.BeijingChina
Jason Wu, M.D.ShanghaiChina
Lexie Xu, M.D.BeijingChina
Dongsheng Yang, M.S.ClevelandUSA
Jean-Pierre Yared, M.D.ClevelandUSA
Oguz Yilmaz, M.D.Turkey
Kan Zhang, M.D.ClevelandUSA

Research Fellows

Name Origin Dates Subsequent Position
Wael Saasouh, M.DLebanon2014-17Anesthesiology residency, Detroit Medical Center
Praneeta Chodavarapu, M.DIndia2015-17Research scientist, Cincinnati Children’s Hosp
Steven Leung, M.DUSA2015-18Radiology residency, Cleveland Clinic
Karen Hovsepyan, M.DArmenia2015-17Pediatric residency, University of Toledo
Min Wei, M.DChina2015-16Attending, Peking Union Medical Center
Prathima Kalasbail, M.DIndia2015-17
Azfar Niazi, M.DPakistan2015-
Nadav Schacharm, M.DIsrael2016-17Internal Medicine, Sheba Medical Center, Israel
Gausan Bajracharya, M.DNepal2016-
Sanchit Ahuja, M.DIndia2016-17Regional block fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
Barak Cohen, M.DIsrael2016-
Kan Zhang, M.DJapan2016-
Partha Saha, M.DIndia2106-
Miluska Mejia, M.DPeru2017-
Eva Rivas, M.DSpain2017-
Myra Ahmed, M.DPakistan2017-
Marianne Tanios, M.DEgypt2017-
Dilara Khoshknabi, M.DAzerbaijan2017-
Remie Saab, M.DLebanon2017-
Hani Essbar, M.DSyria2017-
Mohammed Zafeer-KhanIndia2017-

Graduate and Medical Students (full year)

Name Origin Dates Subsequent Position
Linda He, B.S.USA2016-17Masters in medical sciences, E. Virginia Medine
Adam Morris, B.S.USA2016-17Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Joseph Vitale, B.S.USA2016-17Northeastern Ohio Medical University
Quinton Riter, B.S.USA2016-17Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Logan Glosser, B.S.USA2016-
David Chelnick, B.S.USA2017-
Syed Yussef Raza, B.S.Pakistan2017-
Asad Ali, B.S.USA2017-
Kavita Elliott, B.S.USA2017-
CeCelia Hanline, B.S.USA2017-
Paul Minko, B.S.USA2017-
Christine Chang, B.S.USA2016-17Cleveland Clinic Medical School
Michael Walters, B.S.USA2017-18Cleveland Clinic Medical School

Honors and Awards

Name Honor Organization
Abdullah Terkawi1st Place FAER awardMid-Atlantic Anesthesia Resident Meeting
Wael Saasouh1st Place, General AnesthesiaMid-Western Anesthesia Resident Meeting
Wael Saasouh1st Place, Pain ManagementMid-Western Anesthesia Resident Meeting
Ashish KhannaFellow of the SocietyCritical Care Medicine
Kurt RuetzlerAppointed to 3CPR committeeAmerican Heart Association
Outcomes Research DeptTransparency AwardCleveland Clinic
CASS investigatorsIDSA International Investigators AwardIDWeek Conference
Hesham ElsharkawyMasters in Business AdministrationCleveland State
Ashish KhannaBest abstract (Beta blockers & A-fib)American Society of Anesthesiologists

Consortium Research Awards

The Gladys Sessler Prize is an endowed award that is given yearly. All research fellows and junior faculty members of the OUTCOMES RESEARCH Consortium are eligible. This year’s award was to Brian Ilfeld for a series of brilliant regional analgesia studies. In particular, he has received major grants from the Department of Defense for innovative studies of phantom-limb pain.

The Best Fellow Award is given to the Department of OUTCOMES RESEARCH fellow who is voted by the faculty to have performed at the very highest level. This year’s award was given to Praneeta Chodavarapu for outstanding work on ATHOS and other studies.

Active Grants

Peer-Reviewed Sources Agency Principal Investigator Direct cost ($) Dates
Hyperinsulinemic glucose control and myocardial function during cardiac surgery National Institutes of Health (K23HL093056) Duncan 722,500 2010-16
Treating Intractable Post Amputation Phantom Limb Pain with Ambulatory Continuous peripheral Nerve Blocks DOD W81XWH-13-2-009 Ilfeld 1,835,646 2012-18
Cryoanalgesia to Treat Post-Amputation Phantom Limb Pain: A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Masked, Placebo-Controlled, Definitive Human Subjects Clinical Trial DOD W81XWH-17-2-0051 Ilfeld 3,039,587 2017-21
Improving Postamputation Functioning by Decreasing Phantom Limb Pain and Opioid Use With Perioperative Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Multicenter RCT DOD W81XWH-12-2-0132 Ilfeld 2,301,078 2017-21
Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: A Non-Pharmacologic Alternative for the Treatment of Postoperative Pain DOD NH170005 Ilfeld 5,235,859 2018-24
A Prospective Case Series Study of SPR Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) Therapy for the Treatment of Pain following Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Utilizing Pre-operative Lead Placement NIH 1R44AG052196 Ilfeld [subaward] 172,161 2015-18
A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Pilot Study of the SMARTPATCH Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) System for the Treatment of Post-Amputation Pain DoD W81XWH-12-2-0132 Ilfeld [subaward] 330,843 2015-17
Improving Functional Outcomes of Combat-Injured Warfighters by Relieving Post-Amputation Pain Using NerveSpace DoD W81XWH-17-C-0019 Ilfeld [subaward] ≈250,000 2015-18
Informing Fresh versus Old Red cell Management (INFORM) Canadian Institutes of Health Research Eikelboom 1,600,000 2012-16
BALANCED Trial National Health & Medicine Research- Australia Sessler 272,231 2013-17
Tissue oxygen and surgical wound infection Drown Foundation Sessler 50,000 2014-15
Development and validation of a computer algorithm to detect artifact in electronic databases FAER Saager 175,000 2014-16
RELIEF Alfred Health INC Kurz 236,958 2014-17
Triple low research study Drown Foundation Sessler 75,000 2015-16
RETT Syndrome Study Rett Syndrome Foundation Katz 1,177,392 2015-17
Electrical stimulation to reduce pain and improve function after TKA NIH Boggs 2,121,000 2015-18
Ambulatory peripheral nerve stimulation for postoperative analgesia UCSD Academic Senate Ilfeld 10,000 2016
Randomized trial comparing subcostal quadratus lumborum and epidural blocks for open nephrectomy Cleveland Clinic Research Programs Committee Elsharkawy 12,500 2016-17
Neurocognitive Outcomes 5 Years After Infant Anesthesia: The GAS Trial Thrasher Research Fund Szmuk 23,250 2015-17
Multicenter study of use and complications in pediatric regional anesthesia (Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Network) Seattle Childrens/Axio Szmuk N/A 2008-
Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery Perioperative Registry CHOP Szmuk N/A 2012-
Pediatric Difficult Intubation (PeDI) Registry CHOP Szmuk N/A 2012-
An Open-Label Pilot study of a Dexmedetomidine-Remifentanil-Caudal Anesthestic for Infant Lower Abdominal/Lower Extremity Surgery: The TREX study CHOP Szmuk N/A 2015-17
Evaluation of pulmonary regurgitation and aspiration during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): a crossover pilot human cadaver study Research Programs Committees, Cleveland Clinic Ruetzler 12,500 2017
Perioperative Lidocaine in cancer recurrence: next steps in defining its biological plausibility BJA international grant Buggy $170,000 2017-18
Anaesthesia interactivity with chemotherapy in perioperative models of breast cancer" ESA project grant 1st Prize Buggy $90,000 2017-18
Corporate Sources Agency Principal Investigator Direct cost ($) Dates
BIS and long-term outcomes Covidien Sessler 1,980,000 2009-17
Prevention of Atrial Arrhythmias and Delirium after Cardiac Surgery with Dexmedetomidine Hospira Turan 527,859 2013-16
Effect of IV Acetaminophen on Postoperative Opioid Related Complications Cadence Pharma Turan 589,111 2013-16
PRODIGY Merck Khanna 306,000 2017-18
Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of BAY 41-6551 as Adjunctive Therapy in Intubated and Mechanically Ventilated Patients with Gram-Negative Pneumonia Bayer Udeh 88,191 2013-16
Incidence of postoperative events and efficiency of surgery in current practice among patients exposed to reversals of neuromuscular blocking agents in the Cleveland Clinic Merck Saager 231,250 2014-16
Surgeon Satisfaction protocol Merck Saager 128,404 2014-16
A Randomized Controlled Investigation of the Effects of 6% Hydroxyethylstarch 130/0.4 (Voluven) on Renal Function in Patients Having Aortic Valve Replacement Fresenius Kabi Duncan 241,607 2014-16
Neuros Data and Safety monitoring board and statistical analysis agreement Neuros Medical Sessler 109,865 2014-16
Detection and Prediction of Postoperative Acute Myocardial Ischemic Injury/ Infraction by the Vectraplex ECG System with CEB VectraCor Inc. Sessler 183,846 2014-16
Randomized, Phase III Study of APD421 (Amisulpride for IV Injection) as Prophylaxis Against PONV in High Risk Patients Premier Research International Ayad 110,980 2015-16
Development of statistical plan and sample size for a FDA trial Medasense Mascha 4,615 2015-16
Heat Transfer Advanced Cooling Sessler 33,000 2015-16
Protocol development, data management and manuscript preparation Raiing Medical Sessler 39,750 2015-16
Spinal Warming and Arterio-venous Shunt Flow During general Anesthesia Mercury Biomed LLC Kurz 32,693 2015-16
Pharmacokinetics of Phenylephrine and the Pharmacodynamic Effects on Blood Pressure following Intravenous Administration of Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Injection in Pediatric Subjects having Neuroaxial Anesthesia PRA Health Sciences Riveros- Perez 128,132 2015-16
TAP Blocks with Exparel versus Continuous Analgesia versus Intravenous Opioid Patients- controlled Analgesia; Pharmacoeconomic analysis of pilot data Pacira Turan 26,923 2015-16
The Incidence and Severity of Postoperative Hypoxemia and Hypotension, and the extent to which each is missed by the current clinical monitoring routine Sotera Wireless Sessler 152,400 2015-17
Effect of Goal-directed Crystalloid versus Colloid Administration Fresenius Kabi Kurz 205,223 2015-17
A Randomized Trial to Determine the Effect of Gabapentin Enacarbil on Opioid Consumption and Pain Score in Patients having Hip and Knee Arthroplasties with Spinal Anesthesia XenoPort Inc Ayad 204,100 2015-17
A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study of Levosimendan in Patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction Undergoing Cardiac Surgery Requiring Bypass Tenax Therapeutic Duncan 119,632 2015-17
A Phase 3, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multi-Center Study of LJPC-501 in Patients with Catecholamine-Resistant Hypotension (CRH) La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co Khanna 650,000 2015-17
SMARTPATCH peripheral nerve stimulation SPR Therapeutics and Department of Defense Boggs 3,100,000 2015-17
Hypothermia and infection, registry analysis 3M Sessler 75,000 2016-17
Hypothermia and MINS, registry analysis 3M Sessler 75,000 2016-17
Mild hypothermia and MINS randomized trial 3M Sessler 1,700,000 2016-19
Continuous TAP blocks: basal infusion vs. repeated bolus doses Zyno Medical Ilfeld 81,450 2016
Iovera Device for TKA Myoscience Ilfeld 85,363 2015-16
Needle guidance for paravertebral ultrasound-guided blocks in cadavers VIVCO Medical Solutions Elsharkawy 40,000 2016-17
Randomized trial comparing subcostal quadratus lumborum and epidural blocks for open nephrectomy Pajunk Medical Elsharkawy 10,000 2017
The Role of Noninvasive Beat-to-Beat ClearSight Blood Pressure Monitoring During non-cardiac Surgery Edwards Lifesciences Maheshwari 348,000 2016-18
Evaluation of SEDLine EEG monitoring in pediatric patients undergoing General Anesthesia or Sedation Masimo Szmuk 63,440 2015-18
Multi-Center Open Label Pediatric Oxymorphone Solution Trial Endo Szmuk 199,726 2010-17
Multi-Center Open Label Single Dose and Placebo Controlled Multi Dose Oxymorphone trial Endo Szmuk 230,036 2016-19
PK/PD Effects on Blood Pressure Following IV Phenylephrine Administration Westward Szmuk 87,110 2015-18
PK/Safety of Oral Opioid Solution Vistapharm Szmuk 121,160 2014-17
Efficacy/Safety of Opioid for post-op acute pain Gruenthal Szmuk 73,860 2015-17
Comparison of the McGrath videolaryngoscopy and direct laryngoscopy for intubation in morbid obese patients Medtronic Ruetzler 130,170 2017-18
A Phase 4 Randomized, Active-Comparator Controlled Trial to Study the Efficacy and Safety of Sugammadex (MK-8616) for the Reversal of Neuromuscular Blockade Induced by Either Rocuronium Bromide or Vecuronium Bromide in Morbidly Obese Subjects Merck Ruetzler 251,700 2017-18
A Phase 4 Randomized, Active-Comparator Controlled Trial to Study the Efficacy and Safety of Sugammadex (MK-8616) for the Reversal of Neuromuscular Blockade MK-8616-1066 Merck Ruetzler 253,940 2016-17

List includes grants on which an OUTCOMES RESEARCH Consortium member is a co-investigator. Amounts shown are totals for multi-year projects; funding for the current year is considerably less.


Contribution to the world’s literature

An article by Pagel and Hudetz (BMC Anesthesiology 12:5, 2012) evaluated anesthesia publication trends. Their analysis was restricted to 14 English-language journals with an impact factor >1 which are the ones most likely to influence clinical practice. In 2010, the last year they report, there were 280 clinical research articles published. Last year, the Consortium published 41 papers in the 14 journals they considered. The Outcomes Research Consortium thus publishes more than 10% of the clinical research in high-profile general anesthesia journals. Of note, the Consortium also publishes nearly as many papers in specialty journals ranging from pain to critical care to neuroscience, and in major multi-specialty journals. Overall, the Consortium publishes a full paper or editorial every 3 days.

Articles featured on journal covers this year

This year’s featured papers

Khanna A, … Athos Investigators: Angiotensin II for the treatment of vasodilatory shock. N Engl J Med 2017; 377: 419-30.

Background: Vasodilatory shock that does not respond to high-dose vasopressors is associated with high mortality. We investigated the effectiveness of angiotensin II for the treatment of patients with this condition.

Methods: We randomly assigned patients with vasodilatory shock who were receiving more than 0.2 mug of norepinephrine per kilogram of body weight per minute or the equivalent dose of another vasopressor to receive infusions of either angiotensin II or placebo. The primary end point was a response with respect to mean arterial pressure at hour 3 after the start of infusion, with response defined as an increase from baseline of at least 10 mm Hg or an increase to at least 75 mm Hg, without an increase in the dose of background vasopressors.

Results: A total of 344 patients were assigned to one of the two regimens; 321 received a study intervention (163 received angiotensin II, and 158 received placebo) and were included in the analysis. The primary end point was reached by more patients in the angiotensin II group (114 of 163 patients, 69.9%) than in the placebo group (37 of 158 patients, 23.4%) (odds ratio, 7.95; 95% confidence interval [CI], 4.76 to 13.3; P<0.001). At 48 hours, the mean improvement in the cardiovascular Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score (scores range from 0 to 4, with higher scores indicating more severe dysfunction) was greater in the angiotensin II group than in the placebo group (-1.75 vs. -1.28, P=0.01). Serious adverse events were reported in 60.7% of the patients in the angiotensin II group and in 67.1% in the placebo group. Death by day 28 occurred in 75 of 163 patients (46%) in the angiotensin II group and in 85 of 158 patients (54%) in the placebo group (hazard ratio, 0.78; 95% CI, 0.57 to 1.07; P=0.12).

Conclusions: Angiotensin II effectively increased blood pressure in patients with vasodilatory shock that did not respond to high doses of conventional vasopressors.

Published Full Papers

1. Abd-Elsayed A, Mascha EJ, Yang D, Sessler DI, Duncan A: Hyperinsulinemic normoglycemia decreases glucose variability during cardiac surgery. J Anesth 2017; 31: 185-92

2. Abdelmalak B, Khanna A: Anesthesia for Zenker's diverticulectomy. J Anesth Periop Med 2017; 4: 15

3. Akca O, Ball L, Belda FJ, Biro P, Cortegiani A, Eden A, Ferrando C, Gattinoni L, Goldik Z, Gregoretti C, Hachenberg T, Hedenstierna G, Hopf HW, Hunt TK, Pelosi P, Qadan M, Sessler DI, Soro M, Senturk M: WHO needs high FIO2? Turk J Anesthesiol Reanim 2017; 45: 181-92

4. Asztalos L, Szabo-Maak Z, Gajdos A, Nemes R, Pongracz A, Lengyel S, Fulesdi B, Tassonyi E: Reversal of vecuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade with low-dose sugammadex at train-of-four count of four: A randomized controlled trial. Anesthesiology 2017; 127: 441-9

5. Babazade R, Yilmaz HO, Leung SM, Zimmerman NM, Turan A: Systemic lupus erythematosus is associated with increased adverse postoperative renal outcomes and mortality: A historial cohort study using administrative health data. Anesth Analg 2017; 124: 9

6. Balyan R, Mecoli M, Venkatasubramanian R, Chidambaran V, Kamos N, Clay S, Moore DL, Mavi J, Glover CD, Szmuk P, Vinks A, Sadhasivam S: CYP2D6 pharmacogenetic and oxycodone pharmacokinetic association study in pediatric surgical patients. Pharmacogenomics 2017; 18: 337-48

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